Shine Tomorrow

by Rob Milton



released September 3, 2012

Produced by Roman Lee.
Additional background vocals by Genesis Nichole.



all rights reserved


Rob Milton Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Mid-Air [Featuring Martin Parks]
High above where they said I would be
Underneath the plans I had for me
Can't open my eyes
I'm holding on tight
I know there's more than this
If I fall I'll always reminisce
About that time I almost learned to fly
Gave up and let all of my dreams die

Mid-Air Mid-Air
Mid-Air I'm almost there
(I don't wanna fall, Just don't let me fall)

"Can I take your order?" asked the heavenly host
Ticket to the jet stream, blowing coast to coast
Higher than we’ve ever been,
Some would called it mid-air
Gotta tell me quickly, ‘cause we almost there
Pointed out the window at the sky gone black
Brighter days are coming; yeah we’re right on track
I’ll send you a postcard from the side of the road
Photographs of moving parts, yeah we ‘bout to explode
Gotta crawl before you walk, to keep it together
Ride may get rocky, but we’ll see better weather
Track Name: Tomorrow
Spirit moving free
All across the land
Blowing winds of change
Only strong withstand
I’m in the search of something new
Searching inside me, searching inside you
And that’s for real
Got me doing things I said I’d never do
Just to find my way back home
Loyal to virtue

Tomorrow may never come
Find your way, you’re the one

Why keep waiting
And debating
When you may never see the chance
Take that step, no regrets
While you’re rising
Grab a hand
Free yourself
And someone else
Free your mind
Rise and grind
Now’s the time
Track Name: A Song For You [Featuring kezia the poet]
I’ve been so many places
In my life and time
Sung a lot of songs
Started feeling myself
Thought I could write my own rhyme
Hit the ground running and I fell
Called on you, I need your help
Thought I couldn’t make a comeback
From that setback
And then you used that
To grow me
Even in my selfishness
You love me
My destiny, what’s planned for me
You showed me
Even if I had 10, 000 tongues
I couldn’t reciprocate love
Couldn’t say this enough

I love you in a place
Where there's no space or time
I love you for life
You are a friend of mine

You taught me precious secrets of a true love withholding nothing
You came out in front when I was hiding
Now I'm so much better and if my words don't come together
Listen to the melody 'cause my love is in there hiding
Track Name: Shine
They said you’d never
You’d never see the day
Look at the sun, this morning
Bright, lighting up your face
No, they didn’t feel your pain
No, they didn’t see the rain
The hard work that you put in
Time and time again
Broken spirit
Wounded heart
Built you up now
Another chance to start

You are the light
The time is right
You’re one of a kind
Living your life divine

Everybody's got a cross to carry
Everybody's got a story they can tell
You're not the only one counting on a quarter
And wishing well
You’re all the light you need
Reap what you sow
plant good seeds
Made it through yesterday’s fight
Living this morning, victory